US smart water management market set to reach $3.64B in 2018

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The US Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market is expected to grow and reach $3.64 billion in 2018. 

The market is primarily driven by the intense demand for energy and the acute reserves of resources and government regulations and mandates.

This Smart Water Management report provides market trends, overall adoption scenarios, competitive landscapes and key drivers, restraints and opportunities in the market.


It also provides competitive benchmarking of leading players in the industry such as Itron, Elster, Badger Meters, Neptune, Sensus and others, in terms of their product offerings, key strategies and operational parameters.


The North America Smart Water Management report aims in estimating the current size and the future growth potential of the market across the different solutions, services and countries. The EU Smart water management market will double in 2018. Let’s see what the US report tells us.

Why Smart Water?

The natural resources are on the verge of exhaustion with the current consumption scenario. The high rate of consumer use of electricity, water and gas has quickly become a major global concern to lookout for new resources.

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