Use ICT for primary schooling in developing countries

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Your old pc’s help them to step into a healthier and wealthier world

We all know that education is an essential ingredient for the full realization of human capacity and should be provided to everyone on earth. Providing internet and tablets gives children the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and for the world. 

The use of ICT for education is expanding in many countries. And is now seen worldwide as both a necessity and an opportunity. ICT has a huge impact on the education system. It generates a wealth of experience, good practices and lessons for the benefit of countries where ICT application and integration in education are being established saids Unesco on his portal.

Give your second hand ICT to SNEW and help children

ICT and education provide the basis for

  • making informed choices
  • seeing beyond the immediate horizon and opportunities
  • having a voice in public decision making
  • health and wealth

Your participation ensures a better world



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