Vacuum airlift for clean water

vacuum bio-cleaning

New Concept for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Coldep (France) developed this promising vacuum airlift technology which can move large volumes of water with a very low energy consumption. The only limitation of the system is its ability to lift water, with a maximum of fifty centimeters. And it’s all bio-cleaning.

Vacuum column

The process of vacuum column inherently ensures the function of water circulation required on most aquaculture or water treatment facilities with the best energetic performances ever met. The column replaces not only the usual treatment systems, but also the pumping system: an all-in-one economic solution.

The vacuum system can achieve flow rates from 20 to 500 m3/h and by combining multiple systems one can go much more. Treatment with free passage (without filter) prevents clogging.

The bio-cleaning process

The airlift vacuum column can be used to separate suspended solids or liquids from the water. It is possible to extract more than 99% of the particles having a size of 0.3 to 100 micro-meters, but also oil and hydrocarbons!

  • The bubbles absorb the particles rising to the surface. When bursting, they cause a concentration of particles by skimming at the top of the column and can easily be extracted
  • Suspended particles are absorbed on the outskirts of the bubbles by electrostatics and surface tension

. COLDEP low energy system allows to:

  • Filter seawater below 3 SDI in a few hours
  • Concentrate up to a 100-fold suspended particles in water
  • Achieve these results without any chemical additive
  • Achieve energy efficiency of 1kW.h/kg of dry matter extracted




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