Virgin Islands tackles water shortage with desalination technology with solar power

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Green affortable desalination technology Virgin Islands, using gravitation

Since last weekend, the Virgin Islands, an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, runs a sustainable desalination plant on solar power, designed by ‘Elemental Water Makers’.

Seawater is converted into fresh water with renewable energy sources.

Virgin Islands fresh water

The installation, produces 12 500 liters of fresh water per day: A reliable source of fresh water saves up to 70% of costs!


The most commonly used desalination technology, reverse osmosis, is designed for continuous use. Renewable energy from the sun or the wind is not always available. That’s why most of the ‘green’ technologies use batteries to store green energy: an expensive solution.

Elemental Water Makers desalinates water with fluctuating source (s) of renewable energy. The founders are cleverly making clever use of gravity.”


Reverse osmosis sea water is required at high pressure. Through a water buffer installed at a height, they can provide a system of continuous pressure. Moreover, they reuse the residual pressure in the outgoing saltwater flow.

Affordable without emissions

The technique is proven cheaper and scalable: from a few cubic meters per day to millions of gallons. Elemental Water Makers is asked to use the technology also for other islands.

Via this live web portal you can follow the water production and used solar energy.

Patent pending application numberInternational: PCT/NL2015/050290United Kingdom: GB1407588.1The Netherlands: NL2012722


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