Water for the Urban Poor

WSUP supplies water for the poor

WSUP supplies water for the poor

Every five seconds, the world’s urban population increases by 10 people. Everyone needs access to clean water and sanitation, putting a huge pressure on city service agencies. In response, Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor has turned the traditional charity model on its head by developing commercially-viable models to bring water and sanitation to communities in urban slums.

1,14 million people in 8 countries have fresh water

WSUP works with water utilities and independent operators to deliver improved water services to people living in low income areas by developing service delivery models, which are affordable to the people who use them. WSUP supplies communities in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, India, Mali and India. 

Sam Parker, a former business manager, has led the organization since 2006. Offering a creative package of private-sector, nongovernmental-organization, and academic expertise, WSUP equips public and private service agencies with the capacity and incentives to serve all citizens in their city.


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