Water infrastructure Sao Paulo inadequate

Climate change, water shortage, clean drinking water, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Climate change, water shortage, clean drinking water, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo suffers from water shortages. One of the main causes Sao Paulo suffers is because the infrastructure had not been updated during the growth of Sao Paulo. The reservoirs are no longer adequate for this huge city of 20 million inhabitants.


Due to the recent economic progress, the water use per person has taken into consideration. And there has not been sufficient maintenance. It is still leaking a lot of water.


Sao Paulo is located in the South American Convergence Zone (SACZ). The SACZ is mainly active during the summer period in this southern hemisphere asset (December-February). Than the region can expect heavy rainfall.

Because the SACZ has been running less rain since a few years, Sao Paulo now faces these big problems. This kind of natural weather fluctuations are normal but along with the rapid growth of Sao Paulo, less rainfall creates the current problems.

Desert and floods

Brazil’s climate is very varied. One area that suffered regularly with drought has been the North East. This is a Sahel-like area that is regularly plagued by prolonged droughts. The South West of Brazil (eg, the state of Santa Caterina) has faced once again with abundant rainfall and flooding.

The warming of the earth will have the effect of shifts in these areas. How exactly will be hard to tell. The uncertainties are large. The fear is that the Northeast will be drier and that the increase in heavy rainfall will occur more frequently flooding in the southwest.


The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has definitely affect the climate on the spot, that probably will be drier because the vegetation is important for the recirculation of the fluid. However, the relationship with other areas ain’t simple. Even with El Nino. At this time, it is not clear how El Nino will change in the future.


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