Water purification with Solar Power

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Solar energy purifies water

Purification – or the treatment of salt and/or – dirty water into drinking water exists in many countries. New solutions must be sought in small scale and local applicable technologies.

A well-known technique is electricity from solar panels, which only need the sun as an energy source. 


The vision of this improved solar solution can be summarised as:

  • less condense on glass cover
  • more temperature difference
  • water is preheated reducing the evaporation time
  • continuous water flow
  • maintains simplicity of production, materials and design

A graduator at the TU Delft in Netherlands initiated the project and made a low cost prototype with local available materials which was positive tested. The test results convincingly confirmed that the proposed distillated system is capable of delivering safe drinking water according to the WHO and EU standards and safe for human consumption.

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