Water Risk Management should be Key Priority for companies

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Hospital Generators Failed in Hurricane Sandy

Companies and public organisations like hospitals, still don’t focus on corporate water risks as largely external to the company. 

However, with demand set to increase even further by 55% in 2050 (OECD Outlook 2050) and deteriorating water quality (OECD, Anthony Cox), companies are facing the need to expand their perspectives.

And what about flooding?

During the hurricane Sandy, four hospitals were hit when the water came in:

  1. Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn after loosing power.  Moreover, the backup generators failed because they were settled in the basement. The water plunged the hospital into darkness and sent staffers scrambling to move patients on stretchers to higher floors before ultimately evacuating.
  2. Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital Center, which also was evacuated after flooding and losing power, is getting money to build a big floodwall and flood-proof elevators, among other improvements.
  3. Coler Specialty Hospital on Roosevelt Island and
  4. Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan are getting funding for flood barriers and other modifications.

Cristina Amorim (CSO, Life Technologies) noted that the “the water conversation is changing”, referring to state of emergency cases where businesses were forced to respond.

There was a broad understanding to the need for collaboration amongst water users.

The need for generic data on corporate water risk was clear. The case studies demonstrated how organisations greatly benefit from their risk management work and the diversity of the approaches available.


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