WaterSeer produces water from air

WaterSeer produces water from air

WaterSeer can pull up to 11 gallons of water from thin air

WaterSeer is the name of the turbine that can produce water from air. The WaterSeer could generate up to 11 gallons a day.

VICI-Labs, together with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, have developed a wind turbine that could produce clean water from thin air 24/7.

This is a revolutionary way to provide clean drinking water to far-flung areas that experience water poverty issues.

No chemicals

According to WaterSeer’s Indiegogo page, the device is a low-tech, cheap atmospheric water condenser that creates pure water from the air without any power or chemicals via condensation.

WaterSeer is planted six feet into the ground, and its water chamber will be cooled by the surrounding soil. Meanwhile, as the wind flows, the turbine will spin which will, in turn, result to the spinning of the device’s internal blades.The warmer air entering the chamber condenses, creating pure clean water that can be extracted through a hose and pump.

WaterSeer is cheap

Besides being low-tech and affordable, the device also requires low maintenance as it uses a filter to keep foreign objects from falling into the device.

“The WaterSeer condensation chamber below ground is inserted in a sleeve so it is easily removable for inspection and cleaning.

Field tests showed the water collected to be virtually free of particulates over a one week period, and cleaner than rain water in terms of pollutants and pathogens,” WaterSeer wrote.

This new technology is an easier and cheaper solution to current practices available in the market, which requires diesel-powered compressors and evaporators that consume a high amount of energy.


Note from the BetterWorldSolutions team: The WaterSeers will be placed in the desert, a place where they have powerful sandstorms.  So they would also need air filters to keep foreign particles out of the collection tank.

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