WavePower: This Florida company comes with a Deep Ocean Energy Turbine

New: A Deep Ocean Wave Power Turbine from Florida

New: A Deep Ocean Wave Power Turbine from Florida

Power generating turbines with running under water on the flow of the water. That Crowd Energy achieved through a campaign on IndieGoGo. The project was detailed to the folks at Livescience, with the goal being to create turbines deep in the ocean that use currents to generate power. Crowd Energy was founded by Todd Janca, who came up with the idea and discussed it in detail recently. 

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing wind turbines peppered across open patches of land, but researchers working under Crowd Energy are eyeing a different location for generating energy: the depths of the ocean. If successful, a single 100-foot turbine could generate 13.5 megawatts of power.

The turbine developed by Crowd Energy is a slowly-rotating unit with three large blades that have center-most parts composed of shutters. Depending on water flow, these shutter sections will open or close, resulting in a current rotating the blades in much the same way air works with wind turbines.

13.5 megawatts

Crowdfunding is being used to fund the project, with the goal being to build a turbine with a 100-foot wingspan that could, says the developers, result in 13.5 megawatts of energy. This would greatly outpace the energy produced by wind turbines, and would power thousands of homes.

“The ocean’s currents have enough usable power to replace all Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy Dependence. Using Ocean Energy Turbines to harness this clean renewable energy to power the world is a real solution to Pollution and Climate Change.”

This is not a copy of an underwater windmill, no, it’s a unique design huge rotating rectangular sheets which are provided with fins. A sheet of 30 meters must be 13 megawatts of energy to generate expect the designers.

Contact: http://crowdenergy.org/




3 Responses to WavePower: This Florida company comes with a Deep Ocean Energy Turbine

  1. Alex Neff says:

    The issue, from what I have researched, is that bio fowling and/or maintenance have a very large effect on cost per watt. Unless you go deep down but that also increases maintenance cost. And cleaning a 100ft turbine with an rov/auv sounds time consuming.
    I would love to see VAWTs and HAWTs in the ocean if a surface could be made from bio mimicry that stopped growth. because larger period waves like tides are predictable over long time periods and full of energy.

    Alex Neff
    Ocean Engineering Graduate at the University of Rhode Island

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  3. A Vista says:

    What is the current status of the development of the
    ocean turbine? Why not use equity investors to source funding and speed up completion of project?

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