We have to report you on cold fusion (ECAT)

Andrea Rossi cold-fusion

Andrea Rossi on the right track with the energy catalyzer fuser ECAT

One of these followed techniques is that of Andrea Rossi’s ECAT.

The claim is quite simple: with a cold-fusion device the output gives more energy than the amount of energy that has been put in. For the middle aged amongst us, the Fleishmann and Pons cold fusion-project (1988/89) must ring a bell.

Although their research couldn’t be repeated, which was by the way later on by some refused, this didn’t stop the Italian dr. Rossi’s enthusiasm for their cold-fusion claims.

Energy catalyzer fuser

After years of trial and error and off and on research, Rossi declared in 2007 that he was on the right track with the energy catalyzer fuser, i.e. ECAT. It is now 2014, three years ago, Springtime 2011, dr. Rossi experienced his finest hour so far (see video below), but the/his dream is still on. An when inventors are dreaming, BetterWorldSolutions reports from the bed side.

Pros of nuclear fusion

  • Clean energy. No greenhouse gases
  • Virtually limitless fuel available. (The deuterium can be distilled from seawater and the tritium can be “bred” in the reactor.)
  • No chain reaction. Easier to control or stop than fission
  • Little or no nuclear waste. Core remains radioactive for only 100 years. Possibly radioactive structural elements
  • Very low fuel cost

Cons of nuclear fusion

  • Unproven at anything resembling commercial scale
  • No full scale production expected till at least 2050
  • Commercial power plants would be extremely expensive to build
  • Requires extremely high temperatures. Difficult to contain
  • Could produce a net negative amount of energy
  • If cold fusion could be achieved, it would be much easier to implement
  • The billions in research funding could be spent on renewables instead
  • Would remove any incentive for restraint in the use of energy


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