Will Hong Kong expand with a floating city?

Architecture of a floating city

Architecture of a floating city

UK architecture firm AT Design office’s proposal for the Zhujiangkou Island creates a world class wonder for the region. There are two eye catching mega buildings, 10 other theme parks and tourism facilities, including marina club, underwater world, sky hotel, cruise terminal, floating village and eco theme park.


According to the city’s designers, the project’s backers are in talks with a large Chinese investment group to discuss the possibility of constructing the City.

Project architect Slavomir Siska said in a press release:

China Transport Investment Co. is reviewing the proposal and is likely to start to test this ambitious project from a smaller scale next year.

The Floating City is a proposed four-square mile floating structure comprised of hexagonal modules connected by underwater tunnels that create a network of roads and walkways. 

floating city Zhujiangkou Island

Floating city Zhujiangkou Island


The eco-friendly project is expected to be self-sufficient, with on-island food production, power generation, and waste management systems. Movement throughout the city is expected to be facilitated by electric cars or other zero-carbon forms of transport.



The City’s center harbor,with access to its shopping and entertainment districts, could be used as a parking location of commercial submarines.

The Floating City will consist of both above and underwater segments, and will feature all of the residential, commercial and entertainment accoutrements of a major city.

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