Windmills on the sky building generate 15% less energy

the wind yield could have been up to 15%

Wind turbines set wrong. The wind yield could have been up to 15%

The Bahrain World Trade Center was the first Tower with integrated wind turbines in the world.

Now it appears that the designers have not thought carefully about the orientation. 

If the turbines had been placed exactly opposite, the yield of the turbines had been nearly 15 % higher, concludes Professor Bert Blocken TU Eindhoven.

In theory you should be able to generate up to 31% annually more energy with the rearward placement of the turbines calculated Blocken.

but this is not a pure comparison. Constructive and financially, this is difficult to achieve in reality in contrast to the reversed placement of the tower.

Intuitive designer idea

The $ 150 million Bahrain World Trade Center was completed in 2008 in the capital Manama in Bahrain. The two towers of the building are connected by three bridges . Related to each of these bridges a wind turbine in the direction from which the wind usually comes from. The towers are in the form of a funnel, so the wind maneuvered between the two towers was thought to give maximum efficiency. At least, that was the intuitive idea of the designer.

Bert Blocken TU EIndhovenAccording to Bert Blocken that assumption is wrong.

Assumption are often wrong and that leads to suboptimal designs. The Bahrain World Trade Center is no exception. Also the Strata Tower in London doesn’t give the maximum rendement. These turbines hardly ever work and when they do people in the offices below complain because of the noise.

To avoid this project mistakes in the future, Blocken now leads a project group within a large European consortium. The goal is to establish good research and formulate for the generation of wind energy in the built environment guidelines.

Prof. Bert Blocken is construction physicist conducted wind tunnel tests and computer simulations at the Technical University Eindhoven – the Netherlands. Hij simulated the wind yield with a model of the Bahrain World Trade Center.


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