Windturbine with 4 rotors

Vestas Windturbine with 4 rotors

In cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, Vestas is installing a concept demonstrator to test the technical feasibility to operate and control a multi-rotor turbine.

A windturbine should generate more electricity. But how?

The Danish Vestas Wind Systems may have an answer.

The company is currently testing a windturbine with four rotors.

225 kW each

The new windturbines on the test site in Riso (Denmark), must show that turbines do not have to be necessarily larger in order to increase their production.

Continuing to reduce the levelised cost of energy over the long-term will require new solutions and a new way of thinking. With this concept demonstrator, Vestas challenges the core scaling rules that turbines have to grow in size to increase their energy output as well as transport and installation challenges in some markets. 

The windmill has four gondolas, each with a capacity of 225 kilowatts. In addition, it has a total height of 74 meters and has rotors of 29 meters.

Modular design

According to Vestas, this is the innovation. The new design windturbine is not higher, nor is it more difficult to transport, comparing them with existing windturbines. The capacity of the multiple windturbines is significantly less than the current 2 megawatts of turbines, but can be scaled up if the concept works.

Vestas says that the test mill, will give insight into the technical and the commercial viability of the concept.

After the tests, Vestas and partner the Technical University of Denmark, will decide if the turbine is ready for larger productions for the market.


Windturbine video


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