With plug-and-play MetriBox immediately electricity insight

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MetriBox gives quick insights from your business energy usage

Do you want your business energy insights directly in a dashboard?

CimPro introduced a mobile measuring kit and an online portal for energy data.

From now, you will have insights in the the energy consumption of plant, machinery, buildings, or parts of it. 

The MetriBox provides fast insight into energy consumption and allows immediate savings. It answers questions such as:

  • Where comes the high energy consumption from?
  • Which machine or device consumes as much or just frugal?
  • What building or department is a large buyer?
  • What are the savings when I start a device later on?

By measuring the energy consumption over a certain period and to register it, you are able to detect the large consumers directly. This allows you to take action and reduce the consumption.

Moreover: peak powers are clarified. Start spreading the demand for electricity. The kit measures buildings, departments or production lines. Compare them and contribute to the awareness of employees.

Plug & Play

The MetriBox is a simple plug-and-play system that quickly can be installed. It gives very precise insights into energy consumption. It’s all wifi so no cables are needed. The meters are equipped with power terminals that are mounted around the existing power lines. The consumption data are sent online to the T box data logger, located in a flight-case and does not need to be connected.

The measured data are recorded in the tbox and presented online at the SkySpark energy portal. This online portal offers up-to-date reports on consumption over certain period of time and live insight into current consumption.

The ready-to-use box contains:

  • One or more wireless energy meters (up to 2.000A)
  • One or more repeaters
  • Datalogger with a SIM card built in convenient flight-case
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Live presentation of the data on the SkySpark energy portal
  • Analyzing the data (day vs. night usage, week versus weekends, etc.)

Export to EXCEL

The MetriBox is for rent, if desired, including technical assistance for installation on site.

More information

Cimpro MetriBox
Phone: 31 (0)88 246 77 02 (Netherlands)
Phone: +32 (0)3 765 09 53 (Belgium)
Email : cimpro@cimpro.com


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With plug-and-play MetriBox quickly electricityVoor energieonderzoek en het inzichtelijk maken van energieverbruik van installaties, machines, gebouwen of delen daarvan, komt CimProCimpro MetriBox

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