Without engineers the world would be in big trouble

Climate change, engineers, sea level rising, innovation

Without engineers the world would be in big trouble

During a water conference in the Netherlands, Wu Jianmin, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, mentioned the Dutch engineering sector as  “Small country, big achievements.

And “Without engineers the world would be in big trouble.”

In his speech he forecasted 3 mega trends:

1. Focus on world peace and cooperation
2. The balance of power has shifted from ‘the Atlantic to the Pacific
3. Developing countries are growing

The role of engineers is increasing because of the challenges the world has to overcome. Think of a rising sea level, areas getting dryer or more heavy rainfall. Jianmin, “We see a lot of possibilities. National and international. By working together, international, engineers can make the difference. They do have a lot of responsibility, see innovative solutions and want to cooperate.”


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