Wood pellet-fired cooking

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Remanufactured pressing machines make wood pellets from residual materials like sawdust, bamboo and wood residues.

Dutch Milling Technology remanufactures wood pressing machines in order to give them a second life.

These very affordable machines make wood pellets from residual materials like sawdust and wood residues.

Their partner in Vietnam produces 4,000 kg wood pellets in one hour. Ten hours means 40,000 kg pellets a day! 

Because wood pellets are a highly efficient, energy source, Dutch Milling Technology developed – together with their Vietnamese partner – a wood pellet-fired cooking stove for all the people who want to cook clean and safe. 

Wood pellet cooking stove 300

The cooking stove is a clean, safe, efficient and even a cheaper solution than using coal

The wood pellet burning stove is a great alternative to the coal stove or electric stove. The people and governments are enthusiastic.

Most of the 70% Vietnamese people – who are depending on their agriculture and forestry benefits – used to cook with wood or coal. They love the cheap, healthy, clean wood pellet-burning stove.

Wood pellet-fired cooking stove conserves fuel and saves lives

Clean stoves could save lives and the climate too

As you know, burning wood smells awful, the CO2 in the air is increasing every year and millions of children get killed as a result of firewood smoke fumes.

Not with this wood pellet cooking stove. It’s a clean, safe, efficient and even a cheaper solution than using coal.

Cheap, healthy and climate proof

Dutch Milling Technology are tackling this issue through the use of more fuel-efficient pellet stoves, which are both affordable and easy to use; cutting the amount of diseases and allowing more trees the opportunity to grow.

  • Wood pellets are 15% cheaper than coal
    the end-user price for wood pellets is approximately € 0.16 / 1kg (about 2.6 cents / kWh)
  • And … Because the Vietnamese people don’t have to burn their wood residues anymore, this cooking stove fired with wood pellets is decreasing country’s greenhouse gasses significantly.

Prices are getting down for mass consumption

The price of the wood pellet-fired stove is around $ 30, with 1 year warranty. 0.5 kg of wood pellets is required for 1 hour cooking (based on a calorific value of ca.4900 kcal / kg of wood pellets)

Ton de Man, founder of Dutch Milling Technology International

Ton de Man, founder of Dutch Milling Technology

Ton de Man: We now want to scale up production in order to lower the prices and get the cooking stove suitable for mass consumption. Not only for consumers, the stove is also useful hospitals, military institutions, swimming pools, hotel resorts and other hospitality settings.

Ban on coal

Dutch Milling Technology has receives a lot of requests from hospitals,, catering companies, hotels, restaurants and swimming pools in cities, since hospitality organizations have been prohibited to use coal (since July 1, 2013).

Impacts on health

The World Health Organization estimates that 4.3 million people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to the household air pollution caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels (2012 data). Among these deaths:

  • 12% are due to pneumonia
  • 34% from stroke
  • 26% from ischaemic heart disease
  • 22% from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and
  • 6% from lung cancer


  • The Vietnamese client Lam Phuc Im-Ex Joint-Stock- Company
  • Collaboration with Grissom, in a joint venture for sustainable environmental technology in Hanoi
  • Dutch Milling Technology, the Netherlands


Dutch Milling Technology International
Marc de Man
T. +31 (0)411 64 64 10
E. m.deman@dmt-int.com


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