World Bank gives the Dutch prominent role in addressing global water issues

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The WorldBank supports also Brazil with the Interaguas Project towards an integrated approach of water management.

The World Bank wants to give the Netherlands a more active role in advising on real solutions to address the global water challenges.

This is because of the extensive knowledge and expertise of the country in that area. Therefore World Bank President Jim Yong Kim have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dutch minister on October 11, 2014.

“The Netherlands has a unique relationship with water, and as a result, we have found them to be visionary partners. They have the experience to frame the right challenges, and the expertise to advise on real solutions,” according to Dr. Kim

In the past decade, the World Bank Group has helped improve access to clean drinking water and/or sanitation for 130 million people, and it will help another 200 million in the next five years.

The bank also finances investment in flood protection and waste water treatment. As well as being environmentally friendly, these projects must focus on helping the world’s poorest benefit from economic development.


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  1. katherine says:

    Thank you for the article. I work in the banking system and it is very interesting to read how it happens in other countries

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