World Bank pledges 50 million dollars for water and sanitation in Haiti

Clean drinking water, Haiti, World Bank

Haiti gets clean drinking water

Fifty million dollars have been pledged by the World Bank to improve safe water and sanitation and fight cholera in Haiti.

In 2010, 8,500 died and over 800,000 people were infected with the disease in the Caribbean country.

Bank president, Jim Yong Kim spoke at a donor conference in Washington D.C., which is inviting partners to fund the plan to eliminate cholera in Haiti.

” The World Bank Group is pledging 50 million dollars to help improve safe water and access to sanitation for all Haitians aimed at preventing waterborne diseases.”

Mr Kim added that significant progress has been made in controlling the cholera epidemic, but too many people are still getting sick because they don’t have access to clean water or sanitation systems.

The new 50 million dollar pledge will contribute to the implementation of a project that will reach about two million people in cholera hot spots across rural Haiti.

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