WorldBank project Brazil Federal Integrated Water – Interaquas – money lost?

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The WorldBank supports Brazil with the Interaguas Project towards an integrated approach of water management. Still there is a Water Crisis going on.

The objective of the Federal Integrated Water Sector –Interaguas Project – is to supports the Government of Brazil to improve the coordination and strengthen the capacity among key federal institutions in the water sector toward an integrated approach. It started in 2011


Where did the US$ 107.33 million go to? We don’t see any progress!

There are five components to the project:

  1. water resources management ($44.2169 million)
    This component will reduce the disparities between the Borrowers’s federal and states water management systems, and identify actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  2. water, irrigation, and disaster risk management ($40.7335 million)
    This component will provision support for institutional strengthening to improve water infrastructure, irrigation and Sistema Nacional de Defesa Civil (SINDEC) activities, and to raise the overall assessment capacity of strategic existing water infrastructure and disaster risk management capacity, including floods and droughts and other hazards.
  3. water supply and sanitation ($32.4391 million)
    This component will provide support to the implementation of the Borrower’s 2007 national sanitation law no. 11.445, the improvement of the quality of the provision of water supply and basic sanitation services and contribution to promote universal access to these services.
  4. intersectoral coordination and integrated planning ($20.9606 million)
    This component will provide support to integrated planning; identify areas of mutual interest, overlap, or conflict in the sectoral plans which impact or depend upon water.
  5. management, monitoring, and evaluation ($4.4916 million)

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