Worst drought since 1930 in Brazil

Sao Paulo state has received only a third of the rainfall

Sao Paulo state has received only a third of the rainfall

Brazilians in the southeast of the country should immediately try to use less water and electricity.

The Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira, made this call last Friday night after a emergency meeting with the government about the worst drought since 1930. 

Rio and Minas Gerais are asking residents and industries to reduce water consumption by as much as 30%.

Drought have been affected since 2014 in the most densely populated parts of the country, the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

Accumulated rainfall in the area of Cantareira is said to be only 33.5% of that predicted for the month, Globo’s G1 news site added.


Governor Geraldo Alckmin (Sao Paulo) has taken several measures

  • raising charges for high consumption levels
  • offering discounts to those who reduce use
  • limiting the amounts captured by industries and agriculture from rivers

The drought is also having an impact on energy supplies, with reduced generation from hydro-electric dams. Industry and agriculture are expected to be affected, further damaging Brazil’s troubled economy.


Brazil’s Amazon region holds one of the world’s richest reservoirs of fresh water. However, increasing urbanization, manufacturing, deforestation, and mining are placing Brazil’s Amazon region fresh water reserves at risk.

In addition, global climate change is stressing the Amazon ecosystem. Thus, Brazil’s Amazon region transition from a brown to a greener economy will have to take into account the creation of strategies to safeguard its fresh water reserves and ecosystems.


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