Zero deforestation by 2020

Deforestation, Brazil, rainforest, Amazon

Deforestation with total loss of the Amazon – 2012

The Amazon is at great risk due to climate change and human-driven industrial development, including dams, mining, agribusiness and fossil fuel extraction.

The results of a 30-year study show that it is actually losing its capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

But WE can do something about this!

For all life on this one and only planet that we have – our Mother Earth – let’s be visionary, let’s be BOLD!

Amazon Watch goals:

  • Defend Indigenous peoples’ rights & territories
  • Support community managed forests
  • Stop deforestation! Zero deforestation by 2020
  • Challenge drivers of deforestation
  • Reforest and rehabilitate the Amazon
  • Support conservation corridors
  • Keep fossil fuels in the ground
  • Stop mega-dams in the Amazon
  • Support and promote renewable energy
  • Promote solutions!

Share your vision collaborates with Amazon Watch in order to challenge destruction and promote solutions. We support and share the visions of our network to Amazon Watch, preventing the ‘Lungs of the World’, to a desert region robbed from it’s fossil fuels in the ground. We must debunk the myth of large dams as clean energy while promoting renewable energy and solutions that promote life, not destroy it.

We invite you to share your visions and ideas, to partner with us and to invest in our work.

We can’t do this, for the Amazon and our shared future. Leave your reply on this matter






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