Zero Energy – more comfort, less money

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He can heat his jacuzzi without receiving an utility bill with the extra energy he is generating. This is comfort!

Jan van Liempt, director of In2Ecobuildings:

“The electronics industry makes perfect stuff for consumers: TVs, iPhones, sound equipment. Everything is made because customers want it. Clients get value for their money.

Any complains? Most of the times, it’s resolved perfectly. Why not for houses? Nor installations? That’s my passion. I build energy neutral buildings and I have learned that comfort in an energy neutral building is possible!”

We guarantee zero on the electricity meter

In2ecobuildings make houses, schools, offices and factories energy neutral. The business model ensures that customers feel comfortable. Some people want to produce zero CO2. Others want no solar panels or they are not suitable at their rooftop. We guarantee zero on the electricity meter.

The big difference is that we work for consumers and with the consumers. Actually no company is doing it the way we do. When you buy a car, the salesman will help you kindly, if you buy a dress, a girl is helping you friendly. But if you buy a house, no one helps you.

8-10 years

During 15 years, an average Dutch family spends € 35,000 ($ 38711,57) on energy costs. This money can be used to create an energy neutral home. With our model, people repay the investment monthly. After 8 to 10 years they have repaid their investment. Moreover, these people never get an energy bill anymore!


His own home/office home, has been equipped with all the installations and PV systems.

  • He is cooking on induction
  • All the lighting is LED
  • An infrared heating panel heats his office
  • A pellet stove is heating the living room
  • High-tech radiators heat the rest of the house
  • Gauges on the wall tell him how much solar electricity has been generated and consumed

With one integrated management system he controls everything. He can heat his jacuzzi without receiving an utility bill with the extra energy he is generating. This is the comfort he is working for.


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