BetterWorldSolutions (.EU) helps companies with world-changing products, services and ideas within the themes: Water, CO2 low Constructions and Energy, to national and international clients in business and government sectors.

BetterWorldSolutions (BWS) is the first international platform that:

  • promotes the products of her partners 24/7 word wide
  • continuous and automated makes controlled matches between partners and their potential clients
  • the (e-) publicity team matches and forwards blogs with product video’s to relevant media via ‘live’ databases
  • all this according to the latest SEO insights

BetterWorldSolutions increases your business

  • marketing savings of thousands of euros / dollars / pounds / your currency
  • more prospects, more customers, more sales volume in less time
  • reviews of influencers
  • international contacts
  • BWS partners/advertisers are seen as: experts, innovators and pragmatic inventors
  • BWS partners/advertisers are recognized as ‘contributers to the world’

BetterWorldSolutions makes it easier to collaborate. Through a partnership, you gain access to new markets quickly and without risks. You will acquire new contacts and achieve cost benefits. As a result, your company will achieve the kind of growth that is hard to realize on your own.

We also support international collaborations by managing and matching questions asked through BetterWorldSolutions. At each step we offer concrete support and make sure to achieve and communicate results.

Our key values are: client appeal, an unique approach and achieving results. Through our activities and publications we now occupy a leading position in the world.

How does it work?

  • Companies with one or more great technical solutions within the themes of Water, Energy and Sustainable Environment promote their product / service through the international marketing platform BetterWorldSolutions
  • Governments, NGOs, companies and scientists view, review and compare the products. They can contact directly with the product owner
  • BetterWorldSolutions inspires and encourages CEOs, NGOs, scientists and specialists of companies to go for further development of cooperation and innovation
    • You can ask questions (the ASK Network)
    • People can adopt world-changing ideas and product concepts and bring in their own network for extra attention and cooperation


Partners/advertisers fill their pages for free with product videos, product information and contact details. This contact page shows the prices.


BetterWorldSolutions has an impressive database of journalists, opinion leaders, subject matter experts, embassies, relevant NGOs, charity organizations and journalists from around the world: the heart of marketing. Not only in Europe and America. Also in the emerging economies and Asia – Pacific. And the database increases every day.

Introduction and beyond

  • international attention and inspiration with blogs, articles, discussions etc. to involve international journalists and LinkedIn groups
  • international communication aimed at international opinion leaders, subject experts, embassies, trade attachés and journalists to disseminate the latest technical solutions through their own network. The effects will be: economic diplomacy opportunities and doors to open
  • product videos we draw attention to on blogs, newsgroups and by e-marketing such as newsletters
  • We follow very many sources and posts it on a daily basis:
    • We provide news (any news chronologically)
    • We keep daily records on tens (all around a theme clearly arranged, including reports, addresses, and much more)
    • We get involved in discussions by experts to ask opinion contributions
    • We offer a very comprehensive overview of all energy and water-related programs worldwide
    • We offer an agenda of all major events around the world
    • We started libraries on Water, Energy and Circular infrastructure topics, which already contains many, but soon most of the interesting products and trends
    • We have a Press Release Service (journalists and others), which can be seen all the new releases at a glance.

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