This water bottle starts to dispose as soon as you finish drinking

water bottle made of algae

This water bottle starts to dispose as soon as you finish drinking

This water bottle is made of Algae Jelly which is shaped into a bottle-shaped mould. It needs liquid to hold its shape and disposes as soon as you finish drinking.

You can even eat it. Isn’t this great?

The Iceland student Ari Jónsson was inspired by the huge amount of plastic in our oceans and how much plastic waste humans produce every day. Replacing plastics with biodegradable materials could stop this. The bottle also has another unusual advantage over plastic–it naturally stays cool, even in hot weather.

Jónsson: “This project is still only in the beginning stages and there are so many things that have to be looked at closely. One big challenge to look at is how the bottles tear up easily. They are like paper in that sense that if it gets a little cut it will keep ripping apart rather easily.”

Bottle Tech

The bottle is made from agar, a powder made from algae. When it’s mixed with water, it turns into a jelly-like material that can be molded into shapes–like a bottle.

“I can’t claim that this is the perfect solution for our problem with plastic bottles. But it’s a start and an idea that hopefully helps us to look at new ways to solve the problem. Switching to reusable bottles is also great, but that will have its pros and cons, just like my project, the more ways we can tackle this issue the better.

The taste is a little odd. It’s hard to describe. I could say it’s like seaweed jello but I don’t think many people have tasted something like that.”



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