Battery 2nd Life project

Battery 2nd Life project

Vattenfall: Our stated goal is to integrate this battery storage facility into the energy system and to give a large number of similar small local facilities access to the market through electricity trading

2nd Life project with used BMW batteries for balancing the grid. Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch test electricity storage with repurposed EV batteries in Hamburg.

  • 2,600 used battery modules from over 100 electric vehicles are being merged to form a large electricity storage facility in Hamburg
  • The stored energy is available within seconds and can help to keep the electricity grid stable

Cordelia Thielitz, General Manager Bosch Energy Storage Solutions: Electricity storage systems are a key success factor for the new energy landscape.

2nd Life for lithium-ion batteries

Bosch, the BMW Group and Vattenfall announced a new project to reuse lithium-ion batteries from electric cars in energy storage systems. The test facility is a 2 MW/2MWh ESS in Hamburg, Germany.Over 100 battery packs from BMW ActiveEs and i3s will be reassembled into one ESS that will then be integrated with the grid. And more … It seems that BMW is preparing for further such installations in the future.

  • Bosch is in charge of integrating the batteries and managing the system
    Bosch’s management algorithm is intended to ensure maximum service life and performance as well as other benefits.
  • The storage solution is part of an already existing Vattenfall virtual power plant

Still valuable

Lithium-ion batteries still have high storage capacity at the end of their life cycle in electric vehicles. As a result, they are still very valuable and can be used extremely efficiently as stationary buffer storage for many years to come. The project allows the three partners to gain numerous new insights into potential areas of application for such batteries, their ageing behavior, and their storage capacity.

The project is important because it combines two strategically significant goals,” says Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner.

  1. In electro-mobility, we see a future mass market accompanied by many new business models and solutions
    Stationary energy storage systems that enable people to continue making good use of used batteries are part of this
  2. Such decentralized storage systems allow us to make a major contribution to a secure power supply

Balance out short-term fluctuations

The storage facility delivers primary control reserve power necessary to keep the 50 Hz grid frequency stable. Primary control reserve power must be available within a few seconds. The energy will be fed into the energy balancing market to balance out short-term fluctuations in the power grid. The entire system is compact enough to fit in a small building. It provides enough output in mathematical terms to supply 30 four-person households with power for seven days.

About the Battery 2nd Life project

The Battery 2nd Life development project organized by Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch kicked off in 2013 for a planned term of five years. The project partners hope to learn more about the ageing characteristics and storage capacity of used lithium-ion battery modules.

Along with the electricity storage facility near the Steinwerder Cruise Centre in Hamburg, the project encompasses two other measures: Used batteries have been providing interim storage and power buffering for fast-charge stations in Hamburg’s HafenCity district since September 2014.

In another application, energy consumption from the photovoltaic facility of Vattenfall’s HafenCity district heating station is being maximized by interim storage of energy in batteries during sunny periods with low electricity demand.


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