Hydrogen Power, Pros & Cons

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Hydrogen fuel cells are highly efficient and less dangerous than gasoline

Hydrogen is the cleanest energy source we know of. In a electric fuel cell electricity is created by combining hydrogen and oxygen.

Without combustion, the only byproducts are water and heath. 

Although hydrogen can be produced from diverse renewable resources already, the main challenge is cost. Most of the cost of creating hydrogen by electrolysis, comes from buying power from the grid. So new research is good for the future of affordable hydrogen. 

Producing hydrogen from renewables has not been easy. One method of creating hydrogen is electrolysis. But that requires constant grid power.

This new innovation system allows hydrogen to be produced at lower power loads offered by renewables like wind and solar.


Fuel cells that operate at high temperatures are well-suited for combined heat and power applications, which increase their overall efficiency. As well as at a large industrial scale, as at your home. It’s a highly efficient and less dangerous than gasoline. A great deal of research is still being done on fuel cells, so we can expect to see them continuing to improve.


  • High efficiency and carbon free when using H2 and O2.
  • Can use renewable fuels
  • Do not need recharging
  • Can run 24/7, providing base load power
  • No moving parts, nor noise
  • Certain types are well suited to CHP applications
  • Well suited for distributed generation, no losses
  • Can be run in reverse for energy storage, producing hydrogen from electricity and water


  • High cost due to expensive raw materials like platinum
  • Reliability, durability and robustness are still under research
  • Growing infrastructure for hydrogen delivery
  • Safety concerns with hydrogen
  • Low density of fuel, compared to gasoline

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