Natural coast protection Indonesia

Wood used for the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia

Building with Nature: wood is used for the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia

Residents in Indonesia build natural dams that will protect the coast against coastal erosions because of sea level rising. 

They drag prunings to build dams that will protect them against the sea.

Each dam is about 100 meters and increases the land with already 20 centimeters (almost 10 inches) of new coast.

The coastal protection is called ‘building with nature’ and initiated by EcoShape.

Erosion of the Javanese coast costs 100 meters a year! Over 6,000 villages along the Java Sea, are in danger of being washed away by the ocean. But now – using dams for coastal mangrove forests – residents will be protected against waves arise. Not alone the forests will protect the coast. They also purify water, provide wood and are a breeding ground for tropical fish.

In the past, mangrove forests were cut for shrimp farms. Therefore, the natural coastal defense was broken down and the bottom dropped by flooding.


From the 15th century Dutch reclaimed land by steadily build similar dams seaward. Because the waves and the currents are broken, silt particles strike down. The test dams of Java also  caught 20 centimeters of mud already. Another 20 centimeters and the first mangrove starts to grow.

In addition to the support of the national and regional governments, residents also are participating. Previously, the region was prosperous. Since the collapse of shrimp farming, the economy is down. ‘Building with nature’ provides new socioeconomic development: sustainable aquaculture and a sustainable use of the abandoned ponds and of mangrove forests.

From Asia to Latin America

There are tens of thousands of kilometers from the coast in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia and Suriname that require reinforcement.


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