BIOPAQ® IC bioreactor for biogas production

In the BIOPAQ®IC bioreactor, organic compounds are converted to biogas by bacteria in the absence of air. In this way, effluent discharge costs are reduced and at the same time green energy is produced.

With the development of high rate Internal Circulation (IC) bioreactors, Paques made a break-through in anaerobic wastewater treatment. The internal circulation provides excellent mixing of the biomass with the influent is self-regulating with the incoming COD-load.
It can therefore deal with high loading rates in a very compact reactor. In addition, both noise and odour issues have been addressed.
renewables, biological wastewater treatment, biogas

Process scheme

1 – distribution system
2 – expanded bed compartment
3 – 1st separator
4 – riser
5 – degassing tank
6 – downer
7 – polishing compartment
8 – 2nd separator






BIOPAQ®IC bioreactors have become a proven technology, with hundreds of examples worldwide in various industrial sectors. A complete range of BIOPAQ®IC models is available through a worldwide network of licensees.

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