The Guarani Aquifer important source of fresh water for Brazil

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The Guarani Aquifer, located beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, is one of the world’s largest aquifer systems of the world

The Guarani Aquifer, located beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, is one of the world’s largest aquifer systems. Of course this enormous reservoir is an important source of fresh water for the regio. The countries over the aquifer are also the original four ‘Mercosur countries’. Since 2010 they work together in managing the Guarani Aquifer System. 

The Guarani Aquifer is named after the Guarani people, it covers 460,000 square miles.

Back in 2010, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay decided to seal an agreement over a set of principles regulating the management of the Guaraní aquifer to set the basis for “rational and sustainable use” of its water resources.

The Guarani Aquifer is estimated to contain about 8,900 cubic miles of water, with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation. Most of Guaraní’s known groundwater lies beneath Brazilian territory and as much 94% of its use takes place within its borders.

Increasing water needs

Some locations of São Paulo state like Riberão Preto completely depend on the aquifer for their water needs. It is said that this vast underground reservoir could supply fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years.

Due to climate change and the shortage of fresh water, this important natural resource is rapidly becoming very important for countries as Brazil which are already running out of water.

The Guarani Aquifer Agreement: the Role of Non State Actors


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